Connie HammondHi there! 

Thanks for visiting my ever-evolving personal website/blog.  Hopefully this site will give you an idea of what makes me tick, what floats my boat, and what inspires me. 

As everyone who knows me will attest, I love life.  And I try to live my life to the fullest.  Some say I never meet a stranger, and I must say those “strange” encounters are some of the most fascinating conversations I’ve had.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a story to share, so I do my best to engage with friends and strangers alike every day.  I take the time to ask probing questions.  It seems like everyone needs a little attention these days, including me (as evidenced by this site,  I suppose). 

Some of those entertaining stories are delicately shared in the blog posts that follow.  And some of those stories are probably best left for my eyes only.  Regardless, I hope reading these personal stories and sharing in some of my life experiences ignite a thought or two. I’ve tried my best to be keep the posts unique and authentic, sharing my personal victories, disappointments, and life-altering experiences with the intent to inspire.

This honest glimpse into my life affirms that the one constant is change, and I plan to capture more of those exciting changes as life continues to unfold. 

Without a doubt, many new adventures abound around each and every corner.  I am a carpé diem kind of gal, so I am not only curious but quite excited to see where this long and winding — and most definitely intriguing — road of life takes me.  So stay tuned.

…and thanks for riding shotgun.


About MeAs you review the About Me section, I hope you’ll not only garner a good sense of who I am but also what my values are.  The Tidbits page offers up 20 random things that make me unique.  The My Favorites section offers just that – my top favorite picks relating to books, music, places, etc.  Hopefully there are one or two items on these lists that pique your interest. 

My BlogThe goal of my blog posts is to share some of my experiences in an honest and light-hearted way.  Hopefully, my personal stories cause a chuckle or at least bring a smile to your face.  I’ve always enjoyed hearing about other people’s experiences and hopefully you do too.  These anecdotes highlight where I’ve been and where I hope to go on this fascinating journey called life
CareerEvery stop on my career path has led me to this perfect place.  At last, I’m able to not only call upon ~ but apply ~ the skills I’ve acquired over time. In this section, you’ll discover many details ranging from all those stops on my career path and various accomplishments to some of the classes I’ve enjoyed and corporate accounts I’ve managed.   
PhilosophiesAfter 46 years on this earth, I definitely have a sense of who I am and what I believe.  I thought I’d share some of those personal values and beliefs in a special Philosophy section.  Some of my shared philosophies have to do with building character, giving back and having a vision.  I offer up these philosophies as food for thought.  What do you believe?
My SitesI decided to include a Sites section in order to showcase the live websites I own and operate.  This section pretty much sums up what I’m up to these days, and stay tuned, because more Sharing Profiles websites will be launching soon.