Dow Jones Pinnacle Award: Criteria

Pinnacle Awards / Program Overview 

The Pinnacle Awards program recognizes top performing people within a Sales or revenue generating role every quarter within each business unit. 

In evaluating the nominations we sought to balance performance without ignoring behavior.  We sought to identify the people who consistently perform numerically, who show leadership inside and outside their business unit and who have committed, deep, passion for their customers.  We looked for people who never compromise their integrity, are disciplined, hold themselves accountable, who address issues up front, are authentic, who take initiative and who hold up under the stiffest fire. 

The Pinnacle Award winners received a Simon Pearce custom blown glass piece.  Additionally, the winners will enjoy a few wonderful days at the five star Palazzo Sasso Hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. 

Excerpt on being awarded the Pinnacle Award for Sales Executive of the Year, Licensing Services:

Constance ended the year with $1.38m in new sales placing her at 107% of target and #1 in the world.  She also retained 95.5% of her existing customer revenue which placed her 5th in the retention category.  Numbers alone don’t describe her.  Constance managed wins at CNN, The New York Times, and CBS News.  She has formed close relationships in the media industry over the years and has learned how to leverage them to win business.    

But even in situations where we are not the competitor closest to the customer, she has a knack for rallying the troops and putting together winning presentations that force us to be noticed.  She uses that media knowledge as an asset that can be leveraged by her closest customers, earning her credit and customer confidence for her domain expertise.

Constance’s formula is pretty simple – she earns the business through knowledge, relationships and hard work.”

Bill Voltmer, SVP Global Sales and Client Solutions, April 5, 2007

About Constance Hammond

A fun-loving, hard-working bootstrapper...with guts.
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