A (John) Legend In Real Life

Lately, I’ve been crazy busy and also really just crazy not-so-busy.

I’m trying to settle into my new life of laid-backness and chillaxing. This means, if I feel like writing, I will. If I feel like working out, I will. If I feel like meeting friends out, I will. If I feel like taking a day off, I will.

Obviously, I’m trying to get in touch with my feelings.

Actually, I’m just making a concerted effort to take the pressure off once and for all and really do only the things I feel like doing. It’s great! Try it for a day or two or 365.

Last night, I had the time of my life.

John Legend at Belly Up in 2007I went to see John Legend perform (not a bad close-up from the concert, huh?) for about 400 people in Aspen at the Belly Up (the new and improved “Paradise” Club from the 80’s). His show was amazing. He’s an absolute performer, and I highly recommend checking out the show if the tour comes your way. Everyone was blown away by the performance. Mostly, because of the intimate atmosphere, you really felt like he was singing right to you. It was an absolute hoot, and I was reminded again of another reason why I love this town so much.

The music in Aspen is phenomenal (night before last, Bob Marley’s son performed). I can’t wait for the Jazz Aspen Music festival this coming June where the line up includes: Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind and Fire, Steve Winwood, and The Black Crowes.

This September, the likes of Joss Stone, Nickel Creek, Government Mule and The Allman Brothers are slated to perform. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

Anyway, just tonight I was driving home from Carbondale thinking about all the reasons why I love it here in Aspen.

I was reminded how beautiful the sky is in Aspen on a clear night. I felt like I could reach out and touch the stare, they looked like “holes in the carpet of Heaven.”

Today, I walked out of my apartment and was greeted with a friendly voice from across the street saying “Hi Connie”; it’s nice becoming a local. Last night at the concert, a guy named “Hayes” came up to me and said he recognized me. We figured out we’d seen each other in town earlier in the day which automatically qualifies us as friends.

I ran into “MC” (Mary Catherine) in the restroom at Belly Up. She claimed to recognize my voice from somewhere. We figured out she’s Liz’s friend from Takah Sushi. Liz was also at the concert and we all went out afterwards for a bit.

Before the concert, I met Michael and Tom at La Cantina, two interesting new characters who were welcomed into my life. Michael hails from Iran and feels like he has a new family in the Cantina staff, especially when they serve him a shot of tequila. A very handsome and recently divorced Tom actually lives over the Pass in Buena Vista. But he’s here for at least two months working on the Airport reconstruction project. He’s also a pilot and avid skier and had wonderful stories to tell about an old-time mayor and her troubles with the rich locals.

Everyone has a story it seems, and it’s so fun hearing them all. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone here seems genuine and friendly.

In a nutshell, everyone here is here for a reason, and more than likely that reason, pure and simple, is to be happy.

About Constance Hammond

A fun-loving, hard-working bootstrapper...with guts.
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