Jazz Aspen/Snowmass Festival

As I sit here at midnight on Thursday about to write this entry, I’m not quite sure where to start. My life these last 6-8 weeks has been absolutely surreal.

Although there’s much to tell about the most wonderful, amazing trip of my life (thus far) when I went to Italy and Greece, I am going to have to pass on that subject for now.

Tonight was yet another incredible night in Aspen; another night which reminds me of why I choose to spend a lot more time here.

Tonight was the first night of the Jazz Aspen Festival. But before I get to dancing in the aisle with Phillip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire (they’re playing tomorrow night), let’s start with The Aspen Club.

Before I went out, I chose to go workout at my new (and old b/c I belonged there in the 80’s) club. It’s awesome. The people are awesome and the spa is a low-key luxury; I love relaxing in front of the fire or the waterfall or both before and after a massages.

After my workout and steam, I spiffed up to hit the town. Before meeting up with Claudia and Arna at Takah Sushi, I needed to stop by to pick up my birthday present to myself. Now, my birthday isn’t until next month, but when something moves your spirit, you gotta act.

I went to The Aspen Fine Art Gallery to pick up my new painting by Janet McGreal. I am so excited since it’s been a while since art inspired me. This particular painting did, and I’m glad to report it’s mine.

After my big purchase, I trucked down to Takah to meet up with my friends before going to the show. After a delicious eel roll and great conversation with the local mechanic and an old local turned frequent new movie executive from Santa Monica, we trekked down to the tent at Mill and Main.

Tonight’s big act was Herbie Hancock and friends.

Have you purchased his new album “Possiblities?” If not, I highly suggest it. But don’t just purchase the music, be sure to get the DVD which highlights the making of the music. It was a fascinating review of how an incredible mix of music comes together to form a massive hit album. Some of the duet performers that played with Herbie include John Mayer, Jonny Lang, Sting, Joss Stone (who’s playing at the Jazz Aspen/Snowmass festival this September) and Christina Aguilera.

Tonight, we were blessed with appearances on stage by the likes of Keb Mo and Raul Mindon, both of whom were in peak form. There were many other very talented members of the band tonight — really talented. Again, I was reminded of how outstanding the music is in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Although Earth Wind and Fire plays tomorrow night, I’m headed up to Missouri Heights to have dinner with a friend. But watch out, because Saturday night, I have incredible seats to Steve Winwood (warm up band is Angelique Kidjo — a highly regarded talent who also joined Herbie Hancock on “Possibilities”).

How fun and how 80’s!

I’ll be going to LA for business next week, but one thing I’m most-certainly looking forward to is a month off from travel (if I can avoid it). I’ve been going, going, going. It’s time for this girl to stop and smell the roses that are blooming in the new life she’s created.

July is going to be the month I’m dedicating to doing just that.

About Constance Hammond

A fun-loving, hard-working bootstrapper...with guts.
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