New Year…Old Me

Happy New Year!

It’s been way too long since I’ve written, so hopefully in just a matter of lines I’ll be back in the groove.

I was so looking forward to the start of a new year.

Last year certainly took it’s toll. But then again, it’s those toll-ful years that create soul-ful growth, right?

So I’m trying my best to see it as just that — an opportunity for growth! Instead of rehashing the pain of the past, I’d rather take this time to focus on the now and all the potential it holds. That’s why I was excited for a fresh start on New Year.

But, you can’t always trust that a New Year will mean a new beginning. My health hasn’t been the best these past several months. I was sure that was attributed to stress of economy, layoffs, declining sales, boyfriend, house remodel, ongoing frozen pipes, etc.

But, on Christmas Day, when I finally exhaled — really exhaled for the first time in months — I felt a lump in my stomach by my belly button. I wasn’t scared as much as I was pissed. “Finally, I get a chance to breathe and now I’ve got this to deal with this!”

Well, good news. “Nothing to worry about — we’ll just monitor it,” says my new Primary Care Physician who I absolutely love. As a matter of fact, before getting to the fact of the matter, she listened intently for the first 45 minutes about what has been going on in my life.

Amazing! A physician who has time!

I’m forever loyal and she can bet on unlimited recommendations coming her way. I thought once we were done, the people with the white coats and straight jacket would appear to take me away. Instead, I found out I was considered “normal” in spite of all I’ve been going through. And my blood tests reiterated it.


So what did I learn from these last few weeks? That you can start anew any day of the year.

So…Happy January 18th!

I’m feeling great now that the psychological drama and fear of that little lump has subsided. I’m working harder than I have in a while. I’ve created a serious monthly financial budget for, really, the first time ever in my life. I’m rejoining the new Flagship (aka Lifetime). My MN house is almost complete. I’m about to take advantage of my ski pass like never before. I’m trying to love without judgment. I’m learning how to play the guitar again. I’m watching comedies or at least, America’s Funniest Home Videos, weekly.

Mostly, I’m refocusing on my lost passions: writing, for one.

So here’s to a new year…a new day…another beginning…a great life…a Young Me.

About Constance Hammond

A fun-loving, hard-working bootstrapper...with guts.
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