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Divine Intervention – another great story

So, during this morning’s meditation, I asked for the right people to come into my life at the right time.  I told that dreaded bully named FEAR to step aside, b/c I’ll have none of it.  I’m driving this HireMeAspen … Continue reading

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Three Week Update

It’s been three weeks now since HireMeAspen officially launched, and I hit the town promoting it.  Boy, have I already learned a lot about website launches!

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A Sign of Good Things To Come?

When I returned to Aspen to start rolling out the site, I received an incredible treat from one of my most generous friends.  I consider it my $100,000 treat….

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Today, HireMeAspen is live!

The beta period is over.  And a new phase begins… The website has been tested.  Changes have been made.  And now comes what will be the easiest part…selling HireMeAspen to the locals!  Why easy?  Because I believe in my site. 

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