A Sign of Good Things To Come?

When I returned to Aspen to start rolling out the site, I received an incredible treat from one of my most generous friends. 

I consider it my $100,000 treat….

I was afforded the opportunity to stay 5 nights in a beautiful chalet in Aspen which just sold for $15 million.  All I could keep thinking was: is this a sign of good things to come?  Some very famous people spend $20,000 per night over the Christmas holiday to stay there, so I consider myself very fortunate to have this opportunity, especially considering the serendipitous timing. 

What better way to officially launch a business than staying in a zen like setting of bedroom fireplaces, meditation waterfalls, exotic fish tanks, vibrant flowers, chef kitchen, downstairs pub, surround sound theatre, relaxing jacuzzi, steam showers, and of course, an incredible view of the mountains. 


My site is now launched and I’ve returned down valley, but the “uptown” experience was incredible.  Experiencing this lifestyle for even a few nights was magical…and I must admit, I now have another goal in site.  

Maybe it’s not a $15,000,000 goal, but the dream definitely consists of a home in the mountains that recreates a similar zen-like experience…that peaceful environment where I thrive.

About Constance Hammond

A fun-loving, hard-working bootstrapper...with guts.
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