Who Can You “Kudo”?

After I awoke this morning, I meditated to one of my guided meditation tapes to start my day off right.  I always intend to do this, but I’m not always successful.

Today’s guided meditation was my favorite one called “trust and surrender” composed by Jedda Mali (I can’t recommend the Seeds of Enlightenment meditation tapes highly enough, btw).  The meditation is completely appropriate and much needed during my business launch period.

After my meditation, I repeat my daily prayer that goes something like this: “Please have me meet the people You’d like me to meet today, and please have me do the things You’d have me do today so that Your will, not mine, is done.” 

Then I check my iphone for updates. 

Two emails caught my attention and proved particularly interesting to me today, and I thought I’d write about one of those emails now.

This email was from a complete stranger (a reminder to me that strangers, as well as friends, can impact your life when you pay attention), complimenting me on my prior post “Too Busy To Slow Down? Doubt It.”  Randall’s email read in part: “Really a great thought expressed in your blog. Thanks for the contribution and for your insight.”

I took his email as a sign.  For all I know, this guy could have been hired by Aspen.com to auto-respond to blog posts in order to encourage more blogging, but my ego begs to differ.  

The feedback felt good…a new friend not only reading, but taking the time to respond to my written thoughts!

Regardless, my point is that whether he’s a human or a computer, I’ll take any and all kudos that come my way these days.  Especially when you feel so exposed as a new business owner.

We don’t sincerely compliment friends, nevertheless strangers, nearly enough.  I am going to make a concerted effort to do that more, starting today.

I’ve started to blog again, and it feels good.  I’m going to commit to it daily. I’m not going to try and commit, I’m going to commit.  I used to blog quite a bit when I was living in NYC, and I received lots of positive feedback from friends.  You can view some of my old, funny posts about living in the Big Apple here

Friends would even berate me if I skipped a post.  That’s obviously a sign that I should write more, huh? 

When I was a pre-teen, GrandmaTookey used to always tell me that she thought I was a great writer and loved to receive my letters.  My first job out of college, I was a newspaper reporter.  My first stint in Aspen in the late 80’s, I started writing a movie script with a friend.  My recent boyfriend said he loved my letters and wished he had that “natural ability” (and I wish he did too, since I love love letters!).  Yesterday, my dear friend of 23 years said about my blog post that “she loves it when I write.”  And now, the email from a stranger today.

I feel giddy.

I think I need to finally pay attention to the praises for once and for all.  I will find a way to intertwine my new business and my writing more.  One way is with this blog.  But I’ll find others.  I’m going to start reporting on living on a dime and other job-related trials locals face living in resort towns. 

Receiving kudos feels great.  Who can you “kudo”?

About Constance Hammond

A fun-loving, hard-working bootstrapper...with guts.
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