About My Career Path

The long and winding road of my career path has not always been a predictable one, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  At times it has been interesting, fun, challenging, boring…

Some of the best learning experiences have come from unplanned detours along the way…taking on an unwanted client, volunteering for an unpopular task, accepting an unvetted offer on the fly just because my gut told me so.

Every morning when I wake up, I ask the universe a fundamental question:

“What would you have me do today and where would you have me go?” 

And then I sit back and try my best to listen to the guidance that comes my way.  You know, those nudges of inspiration that indicate I’m on the right path because it feels right.

I have always been characterized as a hard-worker by friends, family and colleagues.  I also think I have good focus, especially when inspired with passion.  But I try my best to not be so intently laser-focused on the final destination that I forget to enjoy the meandering journey. 

I like those refueling stops.  I like that race to the next destination. I like the unplanned detours.

Although navigating the career roadmap has been challenging at times, I’m always pleasantly surprised with the unplanned opportunities that pop up along the way, even if they take me out of my comfort zone.  Actually, that’s what I like best…getting out of my comfort zone to learn something new.

One thing’s for sure: there’s never a dull moment on this fascinating road trip, and again, I wouldn’t change a thing.